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 Carpentry Services Singapore

In Singapore, majority of us will work at least 8 hours (excluding over time) in the office. This is a massive one third of a day spent in the office. If you are worried regarding the productivity and well being of your other associates, offering a favorable office environment is important.

While you may want to project a professional image via your office interior design, our company believe your office design may also need to consider the well being of your personnel as they are the ones that spend the most time within the workplace.


Supplying a comfortable working office atmosphere is paramount to your personnel’s productivity. In today’s contemporary world, a well considered workplace design principle goes beyond just extravagant office inside, creative workplace layouts, office lighting and also good furnishings. Great office design includes room preparation, a workplace interior theme that mirrors your firm’s brand as well as a comfy environment that your co workers can call their 2nd home.


For customers, a good office design sets the tone for a business and tells a story about the brand, professionalism, and success.


Our services include the following:

Space Planning
Office Furniture
Office Partition
 Office Furnishing

A good interior design consciously as well as unconsciously affects people’s moods and energy every day. Workplace interiors have the power to play a major function in influencing the emotions of owners, staff members, as well as clients. This makes its layout among one of the most essential choices a company can make when developing an identity and also healthy workplace.


There is a reason why successful businesses invest time and energy to ensure their offices are well-designed. Not just does it develop a healthy and balanced workplace, an office environment has the ability to enhance and also support the success of an organisation.


Best solution is to compartmentalize it. Other factors include sound insulation and fire prevention.

1. Floor surface needs to be leveled

2. Ceiling needs to be suspended by a screw rod

Simpy value for monies! Top quality work! Superb follow-up service! You cannot go wrong if you are confuse about engaging a good interior design company. Choose Wan Rong. Period!
Joseph Heng
/ PROPNEX Top Property Agent
Good follow-up service! One of the surfaces which I did not noticed was pointed out by the designer. Without second word, he demanded to get it replaced. I was extremely impressed!
Judy Zhu
/ Customer Service Executive