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Fear of Virus Infection in Kitchen? Here’s What You Can Do !

Recently, our lives have been shrouded in “new coronavirus pneumonia”.


In this epidemic, we need to wash our hands frequently to avoid the infection of this virus. So how can we also avoid virus infection inside the kitchen that we will come into contact every day?


As everyone knows, if you want to complete the disinfection of articles, you just need to spray and wipe with disinfectant. However, not all disinfectants can be effective to disinfect your kitchen.

Laminate cabinets, metal handles, etc. may be discolored if they are not disinfected properly. Especially dark or patterned laminate countertops.

Before disinfection, you need to check whether the disinfectant you purchased contains “sodium hypochlorite”. Although sodium hypochlorite has a good bactericidal effect, it has a large side effect on skin irritation and metal that are colored items.

So, which disinfectant solution can directly be use on our kitchen? Answer is disinfectant solution containing “p-chloro-xylenol”. It can be sprayed directly on the surface of the cabinet for disinfection!

During this moment of the epidemic, it is essential for all families to practice good hygiene habits and adopt the correct disinfection method to provide a safe virus-free environment!

Wan Rong warm reminder: During this epidemic, wash your hands frequently and wear a mask when necessary!

Wan Rong Renovation will accompany you to witness the change of lifestyle!

About Author : Louis Li

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